The Great Fall of Chyna

How WWE’s Greatest Female Wrestler Disappeared

By Jason King

September 15, 2016

He crouched at the back of the 70-foot yacht, tightening his grip on the urn as he extended it over the Pacific Ocean.

Adorned with spiked metal studs and hot-pink rhinestones spelling out CHYNA, the vase would’ve seemed gaudy in most circles. But for a mink coat-wearing WWE icon muscular and imposing enough to be dubbed “The Ninth Wonder of the World,” it couldn’t have been more fitting.

“You getting this?” the wrestler’s manager, Anthony Anzaldo, said as he scattered his client’s ashes into the saltwater. A videographer nodded and moved in tighter.

“OK, have you done the slow-motion shot yet?” Anzaldo said, pausing before he dumped more of the remains.

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