The Greatest Game Never Played

By Jonathan Abrams

February 14, 2017

The made-for-TV court at Caesars Palace could have been empty except for one basketball and two of the game’s most illustrious players ever. They would’ve been free of teammates, facing each other head-on in The King of the Court, to finally answer a question that remained unanswered for so long: Who’s better—Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?

The game was to consist of two halves—one-on-one, 15 minutes each—in a heavyweight matchup: a pay-per-view special, maybe on HBO, but certainly not NBC, because this wasn’t going to be some regular Sunday afternoon NBA game. This was meant to be a stunt of the highest order, under the bright lights of Las Vegas, the winner set to take home $1 million, with many, many more millions at stake.

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