Why You Really Hate Tom Brady

By Jeff Pearlman

October 4, 2016

Like any seasoned sports executive who owns and operates a major franchise, Jeanie Buss approaches the annual draft with strong ideas of what her team wants—and definitely does not want. Throughout her decades with the Los Angeles Lakers, she has seen the highs of landing studs (from Magic Johnson to James Worthy to Kobe Bryant) and the lows of bombing (Earl Jones, anyone?). She can tell you myriad stories about character, about work ethic, about the impact one small piece can have on the future path of an organization.

She does not merely gauge prospects by statistics or measurements. No, when Buss considers adding someone to her team, no character traits are taken for granted.

Which is why, as the decadelong owner of Team United of both the Die Hard Fantasy Football League and the Grid Iron Girls Fantasy Football League, Buss has steadfastly refused to draft Tom Brady.

“It’s nothing personal,” she says. “I just find him annoying.”

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