So You Think You Know Lonzo

Could The Savior of the Lakers really be that good? Is The Son of LaVar really that humble? To hear it from his friends, his mentors and his boss, Zo’s for real.

By Mirin Fader

October 9, 2017

Everyone is waiting for Lonzo Ball.

Reporters box each other out, jockeying for position, their arms outstretched with recorders, their bodies shoulder to shoulder. One woman complains that a man, over six feet tall, is blocking her view. He turns around, angrily, and refuses to budge. Members of the antsy crowd need the best view of Ball, the one who throws bullet passes 94 feet; the one who weaves through traffic with be-quick-but-don’t-hurry speed; the one who has been anointed savior of the NBA’s most storied franchise.

It’s Lakers media day, in late September, but it could have been called “Lonzo Day.”

He’s here. The 19-year-old is wearing his black ZO2 Prime Remix sneakers below a grape-colored sleeve over his knee and calf. “My swag pad,” he says, smiling with all of his teeth, calm in a way only he can be: reserved, yet warm; cold-blooded competitively, yet composed.

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