The Superstar Reality of the NBA

The biggest names in basketball are done playing musical chairs for now. As the real games begin, does anyone really want to be like Steph and Co. anyway? B/R Mag criss-crossed the country to ask everyone—from Hoodie Melo to CP3 and, yes, even the Nets—to take a long look in the mirror.

By Howard Beck & Jonathan Abrams

October 16, 2017

Sometimes, as he quietly prepares for the day and the shower steam settles across his bathroom, Daryl Morey sees a vague image take shape in the fog: four intersecting lines, forming three points at the top and two at the bottom.

Is it?

Could it be?

“I see a W in the mirror,” the Houston Rockets general manager says, with the same gravity as the horror-film kid who sees dead people.

Not any “W.” That “W.” The one belonging to a certain superteam residing in the Bay Area. The one with the (gulp) Death Lineup. The one that dismembered every playoff foe last spring, going 16-1 on the way to the championship. The one that demoralized LeBron James. The one that’s been terrorizing the NBA for the last three years.

The Warriors of Golden State are on Morey’s mind when he lies down and when he rises up, during his morning commute and right now, mid-afternoon, as he picks over the last bites of a Cajun crab cocktail.

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